A Conservative Admitted On TV That Trump Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault

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Alisyn Camerota and John Harwood spoke with Amanda Carpenter, former Communications Director for Senator Ted Cruz, about the apparent protection of Rob Porter in the White House. Porter is a former staff secretary who has been accused of spousal abuse by two of his former wives – pictures of bruises as proof. The panel discussed the fact that Porter’s superiors were made aware of the allegations long before he was fired and did nothing. This led to talk of Donald Trump.

Porter tore into the administration, reminding us how insane our White House is at the moment: daughters working as advisors, open relationships between staff, and sexual assault claims against Donald Trump – claims that have forced other politicians out of their offices. She stated,

The takeaway here is, beating your wife is not disqualifying to work in the White House. Should we be surprised? No, because it is the job requirement to go defend the man who talked about sexual assault on the ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes. This is a job qualification to be a professional spokesperson of the Republican Party to go and defend Roy Moore. How much more evidence do we need that the head of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, does not give a whit about the abuse of women? This comes from the top. I mean, I feel like we dance around all of these subjects, and to be able to talk about this in an honest way requires talking about uncomfortable things — like the rape allegation from his first wife. There’s a pattern here.

Why aren’t more people at the top discussing the allegations against Trump? With all the abuse that has already been exposed, why can’t we seriously take a look at those accusations? Even Republicans can’t say that every woman who has come out against men in power is just attacking his character – or can they?

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Watch the blistering takedown below:

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