Adam Schiff Had The Perfect Response After Trump Attacked Him On Twitter

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On Monday morning, President Donald Trump woke up, meandered over to his toilet, sat down and started tweeting (I don’t really know if it happened that way but it seems logical). Of course, he wasn’t tweeting about anything positive, trying to bring the country together or even solving a problem or two–he was attacking Representative Adam Schiff. The congressman, however, was not interested in engaging in an insult war with the bombastic commander-in-chief, instead, he told Trump exactly what the rest of us were thinking:


The American people are sick and tired of paying Trump to sit around and tweet. We have things in this country that need fixin’ and he should be focused on that. I am just a lowly publisher and I do not have time to sit around watching television in the morning, how in the world does the president of the United States have time to do it? That’s rhetorical, we all know why he has time: He doesn’t do anything.

The problem isn’t even that Trump is lazy, it’s just that he doesn’t care. This guy never had any intention of making this country “great again” or even trying. He just wants to make as much money as he can possibly make in the time that he is squatting in our Oval Office and then get out. The bonus is that his name will go down in history and to him, it doesn’t really matter if he is in a history book as the worst president this country has ever seen, all that matter is that he’s there. Forever. It’s pathetic.

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