Adam Schiff Lists All The Ways Trump Sucks On The First Anniversary Of His Election

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November 8 is the anniversary of the day Donald Trump was elected. Unfortunately, many of us will never forget the date. It was truly the beginning of the end… of the sanity of many, rational human beings.  Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been very vocal about his dislike of Trump. Trump is fully aware, calling Schiff “sleazy” in the past. Trump calling someone else sleazy has to be an oxymoron or something.

Schiff decided to tweet about the anniversary of Trump’s election. He did so by announcing that he was going to list all the ways that Donald J. Trump is the worst president ever. We can just imagine Trump reading his tweets while his orange, bloated face turns redder than the normal sunset color we’re used to.

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Enjoy the list Schiff has provided us. It may come in handy the next time you have to argue with a Trump supporter.

He summed it up rather nicely. I sort of wish I could vote for Schiff as my representative now. Instead, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that “this Russia thing” will take out the trash eventually.

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