After Threats Against CNN Trump Attacks CNN Reporter

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So it happened. After a year of anti-press rhetoric from our Tweeter-in-Chief, a man has threatened to gun down journalists at CNN. Any other leader would do their best to put their country at ease, reminding citizens that an attack on our press is an attack on our very democracy. Unfortunately our current leader doesn’t have the leadership skills to see his way out of a paper bag, so instead, he tweeted.

It was not just any tweet either, it was a tweet attacking a CNN reporter and the very news network who received the threats:


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While the tweet doesn’t discuss the threats to CNN, the act of attacking a journalist from that network shows the lack of sensitivity he has toward the incident. The details of the incident are chilling; 19-year-old Brandon Griesemer called CNN at least 22 times on January 9th and 10th threatening to gun down CNN headquarters and murder the men and women who work there. Where could he have gotten the idea for bloodshed against journalists? How does a 19-year-old kid from Michigan become so radicalized against the press?

Just like Pizzagate, where the shooter at Comet Pizza truly believed there was a child sex racket in the basement of that restaurant after watching Alex Jones and Infowars, this threat was made after Trump’s constant attacks on CNN. Trump recently retweeted this picture of himself with a splatter of blood on his shoe that clearly reads CNN.

It is absolutely disgusting for a sitting president to make such a bold and potentially dangerous statement such as this on social media. Depicting a major US new network as an insect squashed dead on the bottom of his shoe sends all kinds of messages to his cult of supporters that violence toward the press is acceptable. After this morning’s tweet attacking Acosta but staying silent about the threats made to CNN, I truly believe that type of violence is the intended response. Much like the dictators and despots he admires, he thinks inciting a bloody war against the press will scare them into submission. Trump is a man afraid of the truth and the consequences those truths might bring. The American press, being yet another check and balance to our leaders and government, is a threat to his power and in his twisted mind must be squashed. We cannot continue to allow this, something must be done before there is actually bloodshed and the death of journalists.

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