Alabama GOP Rep. Says He’d Vote For A Pedophile To Keep Conservatives In Power

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The party that claimed gay people are pedophiles now support actual pedophiles as long as they are conservatives.

That’s the new low Republicans have sunk to, and Rep. Mo Brooks is the new face of that sickness.

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has now been accused by five women, the latest of whom says Moore tried to rape her when she was 16-years-old. One of the women says Moore sexually abused her when she was 14-years-old. And it appears that Moore has a known history of preying on teen girls.

But despite the allegations and the evidence, many conservatives are defending Moore and his behavior.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks had the gall to tell The Birmingham News that he’ll vote for Moore in December because pedophilia is not as important as making sure conservatives stay in power.

America faces huge challenges that are vastly more important than contested sexual allegations from four decades ago. Who will vote in America’s best interests on Supreme Court justices, deficit and debt, economic growth, border security, national defense, and the like? Socialist Democrat Doug Jones will vote wrong. Roy Moore will vote right. Hence, I will vote for Roy Moore.

Let’s keep in mind that Doug Jones stood up to the KKK during his career, and most importantly, has NEVER tried to have sex with a child.

But conservatives think that the real crime here is being a Democrat, so many of them have decided to continue supporting a pedophile.

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This proves that conservatives are deplorable people and complete hypocrites. If Moore were a Democrat, Republicans would be screaming bloody murder and calling for him to be removed from the race. But Moore is a conservative so now they think pedophilia is acceptable. If they put Roy Moore in the Senate, they’ll demonstrate once and for all that the GOP doesn’t really care about morality and family values.

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