Alex Jones Goes On Unhinged Rant: God Will Smite Down CNN’s ‘Demon Spawn’ Brian Stelter (VIDEO)

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Radio host and right-wing nutjob Alex Jones always has a conspiracy theory up his sleeve to share with his delusional followers. Apparently now he also has direct discussions with God himself. Jones, who runs Infowars, told his listeners on Friday that God is going to destroy CNN reporter and “demon spawn” Brian Stelter.

In his unhinged rant, Jones said that Stelter “wants to control every aspect of your life because he knows he is a cowardly, degenerate sack of anti-human trash.” Jones then declared that God will smite Stelter down. Because, of course, he will. (Insert eye roll here.)

“I pledge before my heavenly Father that I will resist them every way I can. These people are the literal demon spawn of the pit of hell—look at him,” Jones said.

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He runs your kids, he runs the schools, he runs the banks—this guy. This spirit. This smiling, leering devil that thinks you can’t see what he is. He is your enemy, period, all the narcissistic devil-worshiping filth. I see you, enemy. I see you, enemy.  Enemy! Enemy! You are my enemy and I swear total resistance to you with everything I’ve got. Disingenuous, fake, false, broke-back, twisted, a defiler, a betrayer, a back-stabber. A devil.

But he wasn’t quite done with his delusional hysterics just yet.

“You will pay,” Jones continued. “You think I don’t see your face, scum? You think I don’t see you, Stelter? I see you, you understand me? I know what you think of me and my family. I see you right back, you understand that? You understand that, Stelter?”

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Jones then began screaming at the camera, “You will fall. You will not bring humanity down. God is going to destroy you.”

You can watch Jones lose what was left of his mind, live on air, here, via Right Wing Watch:

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