Alex Jones Laces Criticism Of ‘The Last Jedi’ With Blatant Misogyny

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F*ck you, Alex Jones. That sums up my feelings over Jones’ latest rant about subjects he finds offensive. The man decided to trash talk Star Wars: The Last Jedi because he seems to think the whole movie is a dirty liberal message from Hollywood that women are superior to men. His misogyny knows absolutely no bounds.

He framed his rant around the movie being made for globalists. Men like Alex Jones really enjoy making globalism out to be the devil, but then support men like Trump.  It boggles the mind. Men like Jones have no concept of irony. He ranted,

Mainstream media may be dying — mainstream news, because they’ve been exposed to be fake, the CNNs, the MSNBCs. Where they really still are brainwashing a large segment of the population is entertainment. It’s pretty much a unified anti-family, globalist message.

He quickly moves from globalism and the “death of good cinema” to the notion that The Last Jedi was somehow sexist because all the “bad guys” were men. He said he probably couldn’t see any more Star Wars films because… well, he’s just a f*cking idiot. He said,

Subjecting myself and my children to every bad guy being a man, and all of the commanders being women, like seven people, like, ‘This commander dies so it’s this woman and then it’s this woman,’ and then they go, ‘The chain of the command goes to this woman and the chain of command..’ and it’s all about the women are in the chain of command. Beat me over the head. Beat me over the head.

Are you even kidding me? I would absolutely LOVE to physically beat him over the head – but that’s against the law.  Besides, aren’t bad guys called “bad guys” because they’re MEN? I seriously rolled my eyes so hard that I think I saw my brain. He completely forgot about a female “bad guy” in The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma, the captain of the First Order soldiers. She didn’t have much screen time, but she fought against Finn (one of the male heroes) in an epic battle scene.

Also, there was a character named Zam Wesell, a female shape-shifter, in a prior Star Wars movie. She definitely fought for the Dark side when she tried to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala – another female leader NOT from The Last Jedi.

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All of that aside, Jones goes on to say that Carrie Fisher “looked like an old lizard that lived under a bridge or something, that could hardly talk.” His sexism is showing – also his fear of lizards. He is absolutely despicable.

Maybe if Jones wants to make some kind of argument about Star Wars being sexist, he should try to convince people who haven’t watched the movies.

You can watch the idiot tirade below:

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