Alyssa Milano Slaps Trump With An Old Tweet And It’s Super Awkward

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Some things on the internet just don’t age well. For instance, that “Chocolate Rain” guy – where is he now? Tweets that are several-years-old and now contradict your actions as the President of the United States don’t age well, either. Actress and activist, Alyssa Milano recently pointed out what a hypocrite Trump is with one of his old tweets. It’s SUPER awkward:

Apparently five years ago, Donald Trump did not support anyone in government on the pedophile spectrum. Or, like some other Republicans, it’s only perverted if it’s done by a Democrat.

While Democrats were quick to ostracize Weiner after his sexting incidences with minors, Republicans like Trump and Mitch McConnell still support sleazy people like Roy Moore for the US Senate. When red seats are on the line, inappropriateness with minors is a mere annoyance for those of that ilk. It’s disgusting and shows a definite moral deficit.

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Alyssa Milano’s Twitter followers were quick to point out the obvious.  If Twitter is good for nothing else, it seems to serve as a type of support system to people like us who are wondering just what the hell is going on.

People like Trump don’t even need five years. They flip-flop on things as serious as child molestation in the matter of minutes if it benefits them.


We didn’t want one elected as President, either, but here we are.

He’s not MY president.

And then there’s that. Trump is not a Republican. Trump is whatever he thinks you want him to be.

There really is a Trump tweet that contradicts Trump for every occasion. However, he’s too self-absorbed to notice. Until then, we need people like Alyssa Milano who are willing to call Trump out on his bullshit –

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