Alzheimer’s Alert: Charlie Daniels Admits ‘Bitter’ Disappointment And Clings To Bigotry

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Once again we travel to the distant and fetid ground of right wing intelligence and thought. Our faithful tour guide Charlie Daniels Unca Upchuck, is only too happy to openly display raw and unbridled ignorance. In the February 29 episode of As Senility Spews, the old bigot revisits his email forward talking points, and refuses to ever acknowledge he could be in error at all.

I will be the first to admit that I have been bitterly disappointed in President Obama’s tenure. Some of the disagreements are philosophical in nature, the fact that he believes in a different America than the one I believe in, a bigger government, more bureaucratic control, income redistribution, basically a European style socialism, which, in my opinion, is doing damage to the nation that will take decades, if ever, to repair.

Political differences are nothing new and I don’t think we’ve had a president in my adult life that I didn’t disagree with on one political point or another, or in some cases, many.

Old man, you have been bitterly disappointed ever since Obama won the Democrat nomination for President! It sure seems funny how you only rant when someone with a (D) after their name holds the White House, or who isn’t a white “Christian” male. You are damn right he doesn’t believe in what you and your acolytes support, which are (short list):

  • return to “Jim Crow” days
  • denial of rights and protections with impunity
  • forcing everyone to live by YOUR religious demands
  • segregating everything according to skin color and sexual orientation

Notice how he loves to use that word socialism, which he can’t even tell you the definition actually is. Of course, he was all for following the European example when it came to austerity measures, which are a proven failure. As for damage, look to the Republican side of the aisle and see exactly who it is f*cking people and the country over.

Now we segue into race relations, and how it is all the fault of the scary black man. The only ones seeing things through racial bigotry are people like your ignorant self, old man! How many times in your little diatribes have you called a white perpetrator a thug who deserved to get shot? What’s that? I only hear the sound of crickets now!

The facts and statistics bear out the reality that Obama has done little to address the problems that plague them and unemployment and professional advancement have actually shrunk under his watch.

He has stood on the sidelines and watched relations between African Americans and police worsen to the point that a faction of protesters were calling for the killing of cops.

I have to wonder what would have happened had a faction of anti-Muslim protesters had been going down the street shouting, “What do we want?” “Dead Muslims!” “When do we want them?” “Now!”

Actually, the facts and statistics show that no matter what the President tried to do was obstructed, filibustered, or outright killed by Republicans. Yet you continue to blame the wrong person, as ignorant bigots are wont to do.

While you are petulantly whining about a minor faction of black people calling for the deaths of cops, just put yourself in the shoes of all the black people who are immediately shot and/or killed for doing the same thing as you saintly white people do! As a matter of fact, Obama would condemn anyone for screaming to kill Muslims, blacks, whites, cops, whatever, but you are too goddamn stupid to realize that.

Then the has-been country star decides to triple down on his jackassery by claiming it is all Obama’s fault that the Middle East has been destabilized. As usual he omits the fact that it didn’t happen until we took out Saddam, who we once supported, that was the one person who kept the extremists in check.

Of course, the usual talking bullshit about how we are no longer respected is trotted out for another run. Evidently the old idiot doesn’t realize that under Obama, the opinion of this country by most of the world has IMPROVED now that we finally have an adult in office and not some spoiled petulant child like Bush.

Obama will leave America a much weaker and divided nation than the one he was elected to lead. He will leave mountains of debt, fractured racial relations, a national health care plan with catastrophic provisions that won’t go into effect until after he’s out of office, a Democratic Party that he has moved far to the left and a seriously tarnished American dream.

We actually had that by the end of your “Demigod” Bush’s final term moron! We didn’t have mountains of debt until some jackass (Bush) decided to cut taxes while waging wars he kept off the damn books! BTW, the only “catastrophic” provisions you keep screaming doom-n-gloom about will only affect insurance companies, who are only out to fatten their own pockets as they collect premiums and deny medical treatments/services.

If we go the Republican route as you want, this country will definitely swirl down the toilet Chuckles. I, for one, will do my damnedest to make sure this country doesn’t turn into some smelly backwater swamp that no one wants to live in!

Thomas lives in a small little town on a fixed income. He can get blunt on a variety of topics, resulting in hurt feelings. Hobbies include anything to do with cooking, soapmaking, cheese making, and canning. He tends to come off as a grumpy old curmudgeon, but is really a lovable little teddy bear once you get to know him and gain his trust.

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