Ann Coulter Has Been Tweeting About Cute Dogs And It’s Really Icky

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CAUTION — Viewing the tweets in this article may induce vomiting.

Ann Coulter is either growing a heart or trying to fool us all into believing she has one. Or maybe she is trying to send a hint to the president that he needs a pet. But then, again, it is totally possible that her account has been hacked by someone that likes doggy videos.

Her recent retweets of cute dog pictures, memes, and dog videos might be the sounding of alarm bells. We find it slightly disturbing.

It isn’t all cute puppies though. She retweeted this for some unknown reason, making light of gun regulations. Check out the name of the originating tweeter — how insane is that? CyberRapist? Would you follow someone with a user name like that?

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Sandwiched in between posts both praising Donald Trump for being tough on immigration and lambasting him for not having the wall built yet, Coulter is tossing out a jumbled mess of tweets and retweets calling out Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) and Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) for bailing on their party. Touting the loss of two more senators that signed Senator Marco Rubio’s 2013 Amnesty bill as a success in her book. Apparently, that bill is being hailed as a death-knell?

She touts the greatness of Isreal’s Benjamin Netanyahu, saying we need him as our president:

She is totally beyond crazy and scatter-brained. She retweets anything that is remotely complimentary toward her even if it is packed full of BS:

She bitches about the New York Yankees not being good enough to make the World Series this year. But probably the creepiest thing on her Twitter feed is the dog videos that seem to have no meaning or purpose. What is she trying to say when she retweets things like this?

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Is this some kind of hint not to go home early and surprise your dog?

It’s kind of disgusting to a dog-lover that she would find something like a dog falling off a counter humorous enough to warrant a retweet. Given her personality deficiencies, we can sort of comprehend how she would find cruel animal videos worthy of a retweet, but this last one has us baffled. The dog is actually enjoying himself and doesn’t seem to get harmed in the process… WTF?

It is anyone’s guess what goes on in the mind of Ann Coulter. She seems to be all over the map lately with no clear direction in mind. She loves Trump. She hates Trump. Her mind seems to change more often than we can keep track of.

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