Army Vet Uses Racism At Embassy Suites As A ‘Teachable Moment’ (VIDEO)

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George Fuller is an Army Veteran who felt like doing something nice for his family by taking his wife and two daughters on a staycation at a local Embassy Suites. The Seattle man had taken his family to the same hotel other times. However, when he asked for an extra key for his wife, the clerk treated him like a second-class citizen.

Fuller said he was made to wait 15 minutes before he even received an acknowledgment even though he was the only guest at the desk. The clerk then asked him for his license even though he had verified everything, including his license, on the hotel’s mobile app. Fuller gave him his license but never did get an extra key. He stated,

I was asked for my drivers license, which I didn’t know why he needed the drivers license but OK, I provided it. The gentleman held onto it for quite a while.We’ve already been screened through the app. My name, my drivers license, my address. So I was really disappointed that it was making it more difficult…because we were already checked in digitally.

Fuller said other customers came into the hotel while the clerk still had his ID, and was completely ignored. The clerk provided the others with service while he still waited. When Fuller expressed frustration, the clerk got nasty. Fuller said, “From that point he becomes more disgruntled, which made me feel very disappointed and he said, that’s the problem with your kind.”

“Your kind” is universal code for “I’m a flaming racist!”

Fuller almost let the incident slide without speaking out about it but thought he could use it as a teachable moment for his daughters. No business should treat a paying customer, a REPEAT paying customer, like this based on appearance.

The hotel said that they reached out to the customer and then went on to say they are an “equal opportunity employer.” Bitch, no one wants to work at your racist hotel.

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You can watch Fuller talk to his local news below:

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