Assistant Police Chief Allowed To Resign After Telling Recruit To Shoot Black Delinquents

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Todd Shaw, former assistant police chief of Prospect Police Department in Kentucky, recently resigned from his position of five years.  Before that, he worked as an officer for the Louisville Metro Police department for 20 years. According to documents released on Friday, he shared many messages full of advice with a new recruit on Facebook. These messages were extremely racist in nature. One of them went along the lines of: if you catch a juvenile delinquent smoking pot, “shoot them” if they’re black.

Shaw had fought to keep the messages private after media outlets requested them under Kentucky’s open records law. Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman ruled earlier in the week that the records must be released. After they were released, it was obvious that racism was the clear intent and many were threatening in nature like the one telling the recruit to shoot black delinquents.

Going even further than shooting black juveniles, the recruit (who responded with racist messages of his own) asked what to tell the parents of the shot delinquents. Shaw responded with,

Call their (pa)rents … if mom is hot then f— her … if dad is hot then handcuff him and make him suck my d—, unless daddy is black. … Then shoot him.

If this doesn’t piss you off, you are a racist. There is no getting around it. This is reprehensible – and this man was “serving” the public for over 20 years.

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The messages were found when attorney Mike O’Connell was screening Shaw for a criminal prosecution regarding his interference in the sexual abuse probe of the Louisville Metro Police’s Explorer program. According to the local news, “Shaw was investigated for providing illegal assistance to … one of two officers charged with committing sexual abuse of teens while with the Louisville department’s Explorer program.”

So, not only is he a racist, but he’s a potential criminal.

In a written statement, Mayor John Evans said of Shaw,

The City of Prospect has zero tolerance for the type of content sent by Shaw …  I want to make it crystal clear: neither the City of Prospect, not its citizens, condone, support or endorses the views expressed by Shaw in these postings/messages

Instead of firing Shaw upon first reading of messages knowing that he was being investigated for another crime, he was just allowed to resign. Their reasoning for not firing him right away was that the messages weren’t sent from any police department computers and they had to follow the officers’ Bill of Rights.

Meanwhile, there’s no telling how many rights he has stepped on while “protecting” the public.

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