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Fox Gets Suckered By An Anti-Immigrant Wack Job Posing As A “Swedish Advisor”

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Last week on The O’Reilly Factor, the ‘Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor’, Nils Bildt spoke about the problems Sweden has been facing since they have allowed Syrian refugees into their country. He discussed different areas where “socially deviant acts” and crime have increased. However, no one from Sweden actually knew this Nils Bildt as any…

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Republicans Turn On Dubya In An Attempt To Defend The Orange Menace

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George W. Bush spoke on The Today Show this morning in his first extensive interview since Lord Bumblefuck took office. He answered questions regarding immigration, Trump’s attack on the media and the Russia scandal. Fox News reported on the interview, focusing on Bush’s stance on immigration. I am for an immigration policy that’s welcoming and…

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Trump’s America: College Student Posts White Power Rap Video To Celebrate ‘N***er History Month’

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A video entitled White Girl, White Power recently surfaced of a hooded young woman wearing an Old Dominion University (ODU) shirt rapping about white power. The entire rant is an ode to despising what she calls “N—-r History Month.” Dedicating the shortest month of the year to learning about the history of African-Americans was, apparently,…

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