AutoZone Fires Black Woman For Getting Attacked By Racist Customer (VIDEO)

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A south Georgia AutoZone store is facing a lawsuit after firing a black employee because she was verbally assaulted by a racist customer.

According to the lawsuit, a “regular commercial account customer” called the AutoZone store where the woman answered the phone. The man said someone had called him from the store’s number and he demanded to know who it was. When the woman told him that she didn’t know who had called him and “was unable to determine” who it was, the man became irate. She hung up the phone after he started cursing at her.

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But the man apparently still had more abuse to dish out because he drove to the store where he confronted the woman face to face.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports:

According to the suit, the white male customer called the woman ‘a worthless piece of (expletive)’ and said, ‘I don’t (know) why y’all have a bunch of (racial epithet) in here that don’t know nothing, and now you have a lady (racial epithet) in here and she really knows nothing.’

According to the suit, the man also called her ‘a black (expletive)’ and said ‘Trump is backing my money’ and ‘you mother (expletives) are about to get what you deserve.’

After the man left the store he called the corporate office, which resulted in the district manager and commercial manager coming to the store. Their response was appalling.

According to the suit, the district manager told the woman she was being rude to the customer and that when a commercial account came in she is ‘to do what they ask and not say anything else.’ The woman told the district manager what the customer had called her and he told her, she claims, that ‘those were just words’ and to ‘suck it up.’

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When the woman tried to discuss the matter with the AutoZone human resources department, they refused to investigate her complaint and advised her to “just let it work itself out.” She then asked about the resignation process but did not resign. The next day, she was fired by the district manager.

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