Axe-Wielding Racist Kills Hispanic Man In San Francisco (Video)

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Five men in San Francisco went fishing last week. On their way home, a man started verbally assaulting them from his van. The fishermen were Hispanic and, apparently, the racist’s brain exploded seeing more than one Hispanic man on the street enjoying themselves. Now, one of the men is dead and the racist is behind bars.

Mark Dennis saw the men returning from their fishing trip and started attacking them verbally. When that wasn’t enough, he pulled a bottle from his van and threw it at the men. He felt that action was insufficient, so he pulled out an ax. The men wrestled that from him. Dennis then jumped back in his van and drove it into the group of men. He killed one of them.

Dennis is now being held on one count of murder, four counts of attempted murder, six counts of assault with a deadly weapon and four counts of assault causing great bodily injury. He is being held without bail.

Now, we’re not saying Trump caused this racism: racism has always existed. We are saying that he has fueled already-existing racists’ hatred. He has weak-minded people believing that every Hispanic in America must be associated with a gang or some other violent activity. Never mind that the biggest violence these particular men participated in that day was killing a few fish.

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Watch local news coverage below. One of the men in the group, Valentin Benitez Cruz, gives his account of the story:

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