Bette Midler Is Back On Twitter P*ssing Off The Gun Lovers

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Bette Middler is called “The Queen” in some circles for obvious reasons. The woman is the total package. Besides being a queen of the stage, she is a queen on social media. Do you remember her Twitter war with Trump in 2012? If not, check it out sometime. She also angered Trump fans last year for mocking him about throwing a tantrum over a bad review of Trump Grill Restaurant by Vanity Fair.

Monday evening, she tweeted about American citizens living in a state of fear due to gun violence.

She didn’t stop there. She called out Ronald Reagan, the Republicans’ darling, for closing state-run hospitals for the mentally ill and basically leaving thousands of them out in the cold without any sort of help.

Naturally, her fan base and rational people agreed with her. However, some of those still waving their guns on the Trump Train were not as kind to her views.

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I always heard the saying was “art imitates life.”

This argument makes me want to beat my head against a wall.

Will these idiots just stop? Trucks are not specifically made to be weapons.

A gun’s only purpose is to kill.

And then you have assholes like this who have to bring up her wealth to make her feel as though her views are not as important as everyone else’s.

So, thanks, Bette. You knew what you were inviting when you tweeted and you did it anyway. It’s time to educate people about the very real dangers of guns in this country. We can’t continue killing our own.

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