Big Papa Bundy Finally Arrested In Oregon, End Of Malheur Standoff Imminent

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After the FBI set up barricades around the refuge, the final four hold-outs in the Oregon Malheur standoff have said that they will surrender themselves Thursday morning. Oh, and the Bundy Patriarch, Cliven, went to Oregon finally and he was promptly arrested at the airport.

It is a long time in coming, and a testament to this administration’s patience and careful handling that the stand-off in Oregon’s Malheur Bird Refuge has lasted 41 days. Despite the armed extremists’ stated desire to end the occupation only over their dead bodies, only one so far, LaVoy Finnicum,  managed to force Federal Agents to use deadly force by reaching for his gun while being arrested.

In a broadcast conference call, that up to 700,000 people were listening to at one point, the four remaining distraught and screaming hold-outs seemed to calm when talking to Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and agreed to meet her at the gates of the refuge and turn themselves in Thursday morning. They will also be joined by the media-whore evangelical Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, who posted on his Facebook that he was traveling to Burns to help negotiate an end to the standoff.

An end is finally in sight, and hopefully, all involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. After Cliven Bundy and his spawn having gotten lucky twice, once when he decided in the 90’s he no longer needed to pay grazing fees for feeding his cattle on public land and a second time when protestors aimed firearms at Feds and Police yet walked away unscathed it is high time they paid for their criminal activities.


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