Billionaire DeVos Puts On Her Dunce Cap To Attack Underfunded Teachers

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Last week, teachers in Oklahoma decided that they were going to be heard and went on strike. The educators were angry after the state, once again, failed to properly fund schools. Now, the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is lashing out at the teachers who refuse to go back to work until their salaries and schools are properly funded:

I think about the kids,” DeVos said. “I think we need to stay focused on what’s right for kids. And I hope that adults would keep adult disagreements and disputes in a separate place, and serve the students that are there to be served.

Betsy DeVos is a moron. This statement further proves what a moron she is.

As the secretary of education, you would think that she would know that the teachers in Oklahoma tried to get proper funding without striking. They told the legislature that they needed $200 million for books, arts programs and other things like advanced placement classes. The strike is not just about pay, it’s about teachers fighting to “serve the students.”

The Oklahoma Education Association, the state’s largest teachers’ union, Alicia Priest told CNN that the bill that was signed by Governor Mary Fallin was just not enough:

It included $50 million for those funds to buy textbooks…$50 million will buy less than one textbook per student in Oklahoma, so it’s not a real way to fund education.

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Instead of lashing out at teachers, maybe the SECRETARY OF EDUCATION should demand that the schools she oversees are properly funded. What a concept!

It’s not really surprising that she has no idea what she is talking about. The billionaire heiress is wholly unqualified for her job. She should have never been confirmed in the first place and an entire year in her position has obviously not taught her anything.

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