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Black Man’s House Surrounded By Heavily Armed Police After He Used BB Gun To Shoot…Rodents

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Early this morning,  a Florida man used a BB gun to fire a few shots at some squirrels that had been living in his attic. He was unsuccessful, so went back inside his home. Almost two hours later, the alleged mass squirrel shooter received a phone call from his mother asking why police were surrounding his home. He stated:

A squirrel was in the ceiling man and I was trying to get the squirrel out..that was like seven something this morning. So I went and got a BB gun to try and shoot the squirrel and that was it. And then two hours later I got the police surrounding my house.My mom called and said ‘what’s going on over there?’ and I said ‘nothing’s going on over here.’ And then I come out and there was police everywhere.

The man, who was wearing nothing but a towel at the time, came out of his home and spoke with police, who determined he was not a threat.

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Meanwhile in Las Vegas, mass shooter and totally non-threatening white man Stephen Paddock was somehow able to smuggle 23 guns and countless rounds of ammo into his Mandalay Bay Hotel room without raising any suspicion whatsoever. Paddock fired off over 900 rounds and killed 58 people before police could stop him. Yes, we know Paddock’s crime happened in a different state, but the point stands. The reaction by the public to minorities with guns versus white people with guns has always been hysterical. In fact, some of the earliest gun control laws were crafted to prevent black people from owning weapons.

All across this country white men can run around with assault rifles all day long exercising their second amendment rights, but a Black man uses a BB gun to try to rid his own yard of a pesky squirrel and his house ends up surrounded by heavily armed police officers. Does the Second Amendment not apply to people of color? Actually, one look at the Philando Castile case proves some officers do not think it does.

It is our sincerest hope that while Florida police were otherwise occupied harassing a black man for using a BB gun on his own property to shoot at squirrels, some white guy in a suit somewhere was not taking advantage of their distraction by mass murdering anyone. At least the squirrels are safe.

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