Bob Corker Says That Any Republican Not Conflicted By Trump Is Comatose

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Bob Corker, a GOP senator from Tennessee, took questions from reporters this morning at the Christian Science Monitor breakfast. One of the questions he was hit with was his loyalty to Trump. One reporter wanted to know if he would vote for Trump again if he could the 2016 election all over.

Like any true Republican, he skirted the question but did say some very telling things. He said,

Look, any Republican senator that hasn’t been conflicted over this presidency is either comatose or is pretty useless in their blindness, okay? And we’ve got some of both, of course. Not many. But, look, we have a president who will sign legislation that we pass on the Republican side. And then we have chaotic things that occur on a daily basis. At 10 o’clock you might feel one way, at noon you might feel another way, at 2 o’clock you might feel another way.

I have to agree that any Republican, senator or otherwise, should feel conflicted by the con man in office. They voted for a man who has released classified information, calls on random people to be locked up, and is a professed sexual predator. The list could be much longer, but I’ll spare you. However, unlike Corker, those on the left basically feel the same sense of disgust about Trump every day all day.

Corker has been disparaging of Trump in the past. However, before you praise Corker for speaking candidly, remember some of his policies:  he’s pro-life, anti-EPA, and fully supports competition-based prescription prices. He wears his red proudly.

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Watch his answer below:

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