British Tennis Star Mocks The F*ck Out Of Trump Over His TIME Magazine Tweet

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On Friday night, as the country was winding down from a day of terrible traffic brought to us by retailers across the country, President Donald Trump was tweeting. Again. This time his nightly dose of stupidity was a little bit bizarre. According to Trump, TIME Magazine called him and randomly told him he would “probably” win “Person of the Year” this year, but he rejected their offer (because Trump would totally reject the opportunity to be Person of the Year two years in a row):

As of right now, Trump isn’t even in first place in the poll, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman is. Salman has been in the news for weeks because of his anti-corruption purge that led to a consolidation of power that has not been seen for decades in the country. I’m just going to wager a guess that Trump saw a brown guy leading in the poll and decided to put out a statement pretending that he’d totally rejected the offer to win the title and that’s why he is losing in the polls. TIME Magazine, however, disputed the president’s claim and basically called him a liar:

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The internet, of course, laughed their asses off, but one of the funniest tweets came from British tennis star Andy Murray. The three-time Grand Slam tournament winner could not stop his pettiness:


It’s really sad that our president is such a tool even our friends across the pond are making fun of him. It’s so embarrassing.

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  1. Thanks, Shannon! I needed a good chuckle this morning! It might have been a belly laugh if the Trumpster would at least *try* to act Presidential.

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