Bully Tomi Lahren Gets Owned After Posting An Anti-Bullying Video

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On Friday, mother Kimberly Jones posted a video of her son Keaton crying and asking why people bully other people. The video immediately went viral and a plethora of stars reached out to the sixth-grader who lives in Tennessee and offered to eat lunch with him, invited him to movie premieres and did all kinds of other stuff. Despite his mother’s racist leanings, the outpouring of love to the little boy was very nice to see (and hopefully changes his mother’s mind about some of her political leanings). As sweet as the ending of the story is, however, some of the people sharing it should really stop, like Tomi Lahren, for instance:

Lahren, the 25-year-old Fox News star, rose to fame because she is a bully. She has spent many hours bashing liberals, football players, Muslims, immigrants, et cetera. She is a horrible person who would be completely irrelevant were it not for the right’s love of bullies. So when she tweeted about Keaton’s story on Monday, Twitter was happy to remind her that she is just like the kids who were mean to him at school:

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What is the lesson to be learned here: Don’t pretend to support anti-bullying campaigns when your career is based on bullying people.

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