Butch Otter To Idaho: I Don’t Give A Sh*t About Your Healthcare

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A pro-ObamaCare group called Save my Care in Idaho has launched an ad campaign against the idiot, GOP governor in charge of the state, Governor Butch Otter.

Otter signed an executive order last month that allows cheaper plans that don’t follow all of the ObamaCare laws to be sold. Idaho officials are saying they need to allow healthy people to sign up for plans in order to stabilize their market. However, the order’s legality is dubious because the plans don’t follow the laws. The new plans could charge subscribers extra in premiums for pre-existing conditions. One of the major laws of ObamaCare is that insurance companies cannot do that.

The ad aired this weekend and states:

Gov. Butch Otter is putting the interests of his insurance industry contributors ahead of the people of Idaho. He’s trying to overturn the law of the land so he can take Idaho back to the old days when insurance companies could deny care, cap coverage and charge people more just for being older or having a pre-existing condition.

There is a definite ring of truth to that. There’s also the fact that Otter has a nasty streak of putting other things before the people of Idaho. Trying to repeal gay marriage after it had passed and wasting taxpayers money when it could have gone to increase teachers salaries or being put into the programs that support those with developmental disabilities or who struggle with mental health issues. You know, the shit that actually matters to the people of Idaho.

Save my Care is extending the ad to Washington in an effort to gain the attention of Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, in hopes that he will step in and put a stop to the insanity. The ad continues with:

It’s cruel, and it’s an illegal attempt to repeal our health care. It must be stopped. Call Governor Otter. Tell him to end his assault on our health care.

I can’t help but agree with their ad – this is a direct attack on residents’ health and livelihood.

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