Carlson Begins Women’s History Month By Saying Wage Gap Does Not Exist (Video)

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Tucker Carlson is batshit crazy. Yeah, I wrote it. He is a popular Fox News pundit. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about the man, I’ll take it a step further. He is a co-founder of The Daily Caller, a far-right publication that loves to claim stupid shit like the liberals are coming for your guns and Hillary Clinton murders people. Now, he is calling for us to be aware of the national crisis affecting all the men in the United States. That’s right, folks, men are on the decline.

On Wednesday night, Carlson premiered his new series on Fox which he entitled American Men are in Crisis. It will air every Wednesday night in the month of March. It very coincidentally coincides with Women’s History Month. He opened the series discussing society’s attempts to “demonize and ostracize masculinity.”

We had other things to watch, but we caught some clips from last night’s episode. One of his talking points was that there is no wage gap between genders. He stated,

Once you compare men and women with a similar experience working the same hours and similar jobs for the same period of time, that’s the only way you can measure it. That gap all but disappears. In fact, it may invert.

This is a “fact” that many people on the right use. They say it’s a liberal myth. But if you ask Catt Sadler about that, she would laugh in your face. She quit her job as an E!News anchor because she found out that she was making half that of her male counterpart.This is just one story of a very current wage inequality between the sexes.

Carlson knows how to pander to his base, a base largely made up of white males. They will eat this series up. Meanwhile, it’s just one more way to keep women “in their place.”

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Watch the clip below:

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