Trump Voting Carrier Employees Say He ‘Duped’ Them As Hundreds Of Workers Await Pink Slips

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Carrier Corp., a manufacturing plant in Indianapolis has announced another round of layoffs this week-215 to be exact- leaving about 1,100 workers to run the plant. That’s down from the 1,600 that were working there when the company announced plans to move to Mexico in 2016. This move comes a little more than a year after Trump visited the ailing plant in order to save it, or so he said at the time.

Trump came up with a YUGE deal to save Carrier BIGLY. Except that prior to this set of layoffs, the company cut 340 jobs in July.  Trump previously criticized Carrier’s decision to close the plant in his 2016 election campaign. He then traveled there personally three weeks after his election to announce a bigly tax agreement plan which resulted in partially reversing the closure and saving 800 some odd furnace jobs.

Sounds great right? Except that wasn’t the case.

Retired United Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones, who has been taken down a peg or two in a tweet (of course) after he had the audacity to criticize Trump for giving false hope to the workers by inflating the number of jobs he saved, has also said that Trump hasn’t been keeping some of his campaign promises. Trump hasn’t stopped the loss of manufacturing jobs like he said he would. Jones stated:

We haven’t seen anything that would indicate that he plans on living up to those promises and commitments.

All talk and no follow up shouldn’t surprise anyone when it comes to Trump. He is a giant nutcase who tweets random shit at 3am and publicly humiliates relatives, people who work for him and even the people who have the audacity to disagree with his bullshit. Jones also said that he appreciated Trump saving those 800 jobs at the factory but lamented the ones being lost:

I think, without a doubt, that there’s a lot more he could do so we wouldn’t be losing these jobs at the rate we are.

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Soon-to-be unemployed Carrier employees, however, are not so eager to give Trump any slack. Renee Elliot, one of those unfortunate workers told a journalist for the New Yorker that she feels “duped”:

We took him serious because he did seem to be an entrepreneur. He knew this offshoring shit was gonna go down, and ‘I’m not gonna stand for it’ is the way he made it sound. Hillary never said a word to us or about us. Obama never flew Air Force One to our facility, like he did to one in Elkhart, Indiana, when he was campaigning. I thought, This man is not gonna be anybody’s puppet. It was an easy vote for me. Not just because of ‘The Apprentice.’ We believed in him here at Carrier. The vast majority of us. It was Trump deluxe in there. I told people, ‘He’s gonna find a cause somewhere. He’s gonna be a savior.’ Little did I know the cause was gonna be us.

Duane Oreskovic, another soon-to-be-unemployed Trump voter said:

I voted for Trump. Financially, I thought he’s a genius. I said, ‘Well, America’s in debt; maybe he can do something and turn the economy around.’ Obviously, it’s not looking that way. Mr. Trump didn’t do his research and made himself look silly in front of the nation when these layoffs and early retirements began.

It’s almost like he was a big liar all along!

This trend of sending manufacturing to Mexico was also followed by Connecticut based United Technologies, a control panel company which is also Carrier’s parent company. They’re laying off the last 700 workers at their plant later this year. Carrier Corp. said in a statement that it has offered reimbursement programs for their employees who decide to go to college or vocational training certifications. They also said that they plan on hiring 25,000 people in the US over the next three years.

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see if this actually comes to pass or if they’re just spewing more bullshit.

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