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Sarah Palin Wished Sen. McCain Well, So Her Fans Responded By Viciously Attacking Him

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It takes a certain kind of asshole to attack someone when they’ve been diagnosed with a cancer that is likely to kill him. But that’s the type of lowlife that’s attracted to the ongoing hate crime that is American right wing politics. After Sarah Palin put up an appropriate “we’ll pray for you” ¬†post on…

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Firefighter Pissed Store Flew Pride Flag Instead Of U.S. Or CONFEDERATE Flag On July 4th

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So, there’s stupid and then there is STUPID. Wesley Paul Nelson, a volunteer firefighter in Placerville, California is definitely the latter. Over Independence Day weekend, Nelson was puttering around downtown when he came across The Crystal Ship and he was PISSED. You see, the owner of the shop, Jessica Martin, had installed a rainbow flag…

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