Cheap Nazi Ripoffs Invade Upstate New York

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Donald Trump’s presidency has emboldened some of the worst elements of modern society. You have probably heard this phrase thousands of times by now, but it’s worth repeating a thousand more times. After all, there are Nazis afoot and the only reason they march is because of our Grand Wizard-in-Chief.

And the latest incidence of this is in Upstate New York. Reportedly, Nazi posters have appeared around Cornell University and throughout the small college town of Ithaca on Monday. These posters tell people to “just say no to Jewish lies!” and encourage folks to “join the White Gang.” They also reference a “Solar Cross Society” and, of course, feature a Swastika.

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Racism? At Cornell University? A university that allows the fraternity system? My God, man, color me . . . whatever the opposite color of “shocked” happens to be on the emotional color wheel.

Now, this isn’t the first time posters like this have appeared, put up by anonymous cowards nor is this the first time that Cornell University has had problems with racism. At the beginning of the semester, members of a frat group chanted “build a wall” outside of a Latino Living Center and in September, a Cornell student was charged with attacking a black student and using racial slurs.

Staff and administrators are rightly describing the posters as “disgusting,” but this is where we’re at now: rampant, unchecked Antisemitism and racism. Whether it’s stupid privileged White guys holding tiki torches and chanting, “you won’t replace us!” like they’re worth replacing or anonymous Nazi propaganda popping up in college towns, this is where we are.

And we’re here because we never left. From “better dead than red” to “cultural Marxism,” it’s always been about Antisemitism and racism, no matter how veiled, hidden, or deeply embedded the dog whistle is.

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There’s no reference to a “Solar Cross Society” online, and the people who put up the posters remain unknown. However, I am willing to bet they’re a bunch of middle-class and upper-middle-class white guys who are resentful because nobody will date them and are positively vitriolic because someone made Gone Home four years ago.

And that, more than anything, just goes to show how pathetic everything is. My grand-uncle fought in World War II, against real Nazis. You and me? We’re stuck with these f*cking clowns. And the sad thing? They’re no less dangerous.

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