Chelsea Clinton Heard That Trump Called WH ‘A Real Dump’, And Her Response Is Priceless (TWEETS)

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During a recent trip to his New Jersey golf course, Donald Trump reportedly joked with fellow members about the White House, calling America’s most beloved building  “a real dump” and giving that as his reason for spending so much time staying at lavish Trump-owned resorts on the weekends.

The citizens who foot the bill for his current residence and his lavish weekly vacations had a few choice words in response to Mr. Trump’s complaints, calling Trump a “human heap of garbage” and pointing out that he is more than welcome to relinquish the WH at any time.


The WH has an indoor bowling alley, movie theater, and a private chef. Poor Donny. How can he be expected to properly govern in such horrendous conditions?


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Chelsea Clinton, who spent much of her childhood in the WH, was especially offended on behalf of all of the hard-working men and women who take pride in making her former home a beautiful place for any first family to live, and posted to social media to thank them:


Well said, Ms. Clinton. We doubt very much that Mr. Trump has ever given a thought to the blue collar men and women who work hard every day to make his life easier. He used his disgusting rhetoric to trick people like them into voting for him so that he could go golfing at exclusive country clubs every weekend while whining about living a lifestyle that is beyond the majority of his voters’ wildest dreams.

He is truly a “human heap of garbage.”

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