Chelsea Handler Claps Back At Tomi Lahren’s Xenophobic Bullsh*t

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Tomi Lahren is a disgusting human being, which is such a well-known fact that it is hardly even news when she flaunts her hatred anymore. But Chelsea Handler’s response to Bigot Barbie’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is truly a thing of beauty.

“I have an idea! Welcome this immigrant caravan in on ONE condition: we pitch them a tent city outside the lavish homes of Kimmel, Baldwin, Handler, and Zuckerberg,” Lahren tweeted this week. “You fund them, feed them and police them. Deal?”

But Handler wasn’t having it. Without hesitance, she responded to Lahren on Twitter and set the record straight once and for all.

“Thanks for the idea, … But my house is big enough for everyone. No need to pitch tents outside,” Handler tweeted back at Lahren.

The internet loved Handler’s response to Lahren’s xenophobia and Twitter couldn’t wait to show their support for her inclusive message.

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