Children Are Now Being Taught How To Stop Bleeding In Gunshot Victims

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In what is perhaps one of the most telling stories of the state of our country, a couple of doctors in New Orleans are teaching children how to stop bleeding in gunshot victims. School shootings are now so common in the United States that Dr. Jennifer Avegno and Dr. Rebecca Schroll are trying to prevent kids from dying anyway they can. They created a local chapter of a national program called Stop the Bleed.

Stop the Bleed trains adults and children how to administer first aid to gunshot victims. The program began after the Sandy Hook shooting where 26 children lost their lives. Dr. Jennifer Avegno explained,

An analysis of the shooting found that at least 5 of the 25 or so children who were killed in the shooting, might’ve been saved if someone in their school had known these very simple, life-saving techniques.

Participants have learned new skills such as putting pressure on wounds and administering a tourniquet properly. Dr. Schroll stated, “They’re very interested. They want to feel like they can do something in the event of an emergency.” These doctors are devoted to giving victims some type of power in otherwise powerless situations.

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We are completely and utterly f*cked, people. This is the answer? We are really teaching children how to administer proper tourniquets in case their BFF gets shot in English class? Doctors are teaching kids how to stop bleeding in gunshot victims like they’re about to be on the front lines. It is pure insanity.

Meanwhile, we have heartless human beings, many with kids of their own, saying shit along the lines of, “This is the price we pay for our freedom.” We have our freedom because we were promised those freedoms – why are we paying for them with the lives of our babies?

In all honesty, gun ownership is a protected hobby. Think of all the gun owners you know and it’s an almost certain bet that none of them are in any “organized militias.” The truth is most hardcore gun owners are so distrusting of other gun owners, and other people in general, they couldn’t work together if balls were actually against the wall.

How many innocent deaths does it take before some gun owners admit that America has a problem? When we feel it’s necessary to teach our children and teachers techniques to keep their friends alive, surely we are already doomed.

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