Christian Writer To Other Christians: Saul Alinsky, Liberal Media Is ‘Playing’ You About Roy Moore

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It’s tempting to call Moore a sinking ship; surely Evangelicals, the holders of morality and guides for upright behavior in our society, couldn’t vote for a child molester, could they? Especially after all their kvetching about transgender “bathroom bills” and how those were designed to “protect women and children?”

Well, as it turns out, they can. And boy howdy will they — rationalizing every step of the way, too. For exhibit A, consider this piece published in Charisma in which author Tom Ertl rejects all of the allegations leveled against Moore, and instead claims it’s all about that persecution.

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Accusations of sexual abuse against Weinstein? Absolutely true.

Accusations of sexual abuse against Franken? Absolutely true.

Accusations of sexual abuse against Moore? Unequivocally false, because he’s one of our guys. This is partisanship at its finest, folks.

So how do we know that Ertl is right? He sure doesn’t offer a solid case for it — folks like Ertl tend to take it as axiomatic fact that Christians are persecuted. Consider the following, which is the core of his argument:

Usually, in the more public high-profile cases where corrupt men procure their liars, they do a more thorough job of vetting their false witnesses. Ms. Corfman and Ms. Nelson’s credibility was destroyed so quickly that we can conclude that their organizers have been very sloppy in their recruitment and orchestration.

… All of this has been orchestrated by political agents looking to destroy a good man. Can you imagine the expense, time and research these men must have gone through to coordinate these attacks on Judge Moore? We also know from our own biblical history that false witnesses do not come without a cost.

… we have the real purpose of the Washington Post article: to orchestrate a smear campaign against Moore in order to suppress the Christian vote in the Alabama Senate race.

Never mind the women didn’t seek out the Post. Nevermind that they didn’t want the attention. Let’s just ignore that Moore’s own side has admitted that Moore hit on underage girls. It’s really a coordinated effort to suppress the Christian vote, which, since this is Alabama, probably makes up 90% of the population.

I’m reminded of what happened with David Duke ran in Louisiana. One of his campaign ads amounted to, “When they smear me, they smear you.” This is the same thing, except instead of an unrepentant Klansman, conservatives are lining up behind a child molester.

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Of course, Ertl tips his hand at the very end and explains what this is all really about — politics:

Not voting for Judge Moore on Dec. 12 is a vote for partial-birth abortion, same-sex marriage, globalism, open borders and a liberal Supreme Court.

Just remember this the next time one of these folks has the unmitigated gall to ramble on about how Islam isn’t a religion, it’s a political movement.

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