CNN Hosts Take Down Stephen Moore’s Claim That Black People Love Trump (Video)

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CNN’s Angel Rye and Brooke Baldwin are not women to mess with when it comes to Republicans who defend the president’s racism. The former campaign economics adviser for Trump, Stephen Moore, found this out the hard way — hilariously.

In the video below, Moore immediately jumps in to kiss Trump’s ass by touting his business accomplishments and that he’s never heard Trump say anything racist when he was in meetings with him for two years. He is interrupted by the moderator, Brooke Baldwin, who points out that you don’t have to be in meetings to hear Trump’s racists comments — pointing to the “Pocahontas” reference and his comments after Charlottesville. Moore comes back with more bullshit about Trump’s “business accomplishments” completely ignoring Baldwin’s examples.

It’s at this point that shit starts to get good.

Moore rambles on about Trump’s approval rating improving with black males when CNN’s polls say it’s at a mere three percent. Rye utters a skeptical laugh and gets right to the point discussing several instances of Trump’s racism- wanting a man wearing a yarmulke to count his money over a black man because black men have a “lazy” gene.  She brings up how Trump wanted the death penalty for the Central Park Five-teenage black and brown boys Trump called to have sentenced to death for a rape they did not commit. She also points out that Trump’s father was a racist and went to KKK meetings.

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Apparently, Trump is fruit from a poisoned tree, but we already knew that.

As the debate continued, Rye pointed out the things Trump has done to trample over people’s civil rights: transgender military ban and voter suppression measures. Moore responded with:

I talk to so many Black Americans myself and they say what they like about Donald Trump, those who approve of his policies, because they think he is going to make America great again.

Confused, Rye wanted to know who Moore talked to. He said:

 I talk to people all the time, when I’m on the street I talk to people, on the job I talk to people, when I talk to African-Americans and also Hispanics, a lot of times they don’t like his language, but sure like what he’s doing for the economy. That’s the reason I bet you when he runs for re-election, he get a higher rate of Black and Hispanic vote than he did in 2016, because he’ll be running on his record.

Ahh… so random people just come up to him to express their love and adoration for Trump and ALLL he’s doing for them. Yeah, sounds totally legit.

It should be noted the African-American unemployment rate has been going down for the past few years – that part is true. However, it’s because of Obama-era policies not because of anything Trump has done.  But then, we all know he will try to take credit for just about anything as long as it makes him look good.

You can watch the debate below.

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