Colin Kaepernick Is GQ’s ‘Citizen Of the Year,’ And Righties Are Having A Twitter Freakout

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It’s that time of the year again, the time when various media outlets make selections for “(Fill In The Blank) Of the Year” awards. One of those outlets, GQ magazine, has stabbed a football right into the eye of conservatives by picking former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as their “Citizen Of the Year.” And righties are losing whatever remains of their minds.

The magazine, which started sending an upraised middle finger to conservatives months ago by hosting video rants from liberal icon Keith Olbermann, didn’t make their choice quietly. They posted several tweets about it, and even pinned one featuring their Kaepernick cover at the top of their Twitter feed.

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The snowflakes on the right began melting almost immediately.

In reply to “Britbabe” Liz, another Trump fan, borrowed her idol’s words to describe GQ:

This Trump-loving woman is representative of those who attack Kaepernick for not doing some sort of community service.

But what she doesn’t seem to know is that Kaepernick has done some of those things. In fact, his peers in the NFL Players Association named him “Community MVP” for the first week of this year’s football season because of the charity work he has done.

And GQ, probably expecting Kaepernick to get attacked from that angle, included a couple of tweets showing his community involvement.

Kaepernick did have his defenders, such as Kelly.

Even though the comments on the GQ tweet run probably 10 to 1 against the Kaepernick pick, there were plenty like Kelly who get why he is protesting. Probably the most troubling aspect of the comments by Kaepernick haters is the fact that almost none of them explicitly recognized that he has a right to protest. The same crowd that cries about “liberal intolerance” and censorship of opposing views when it comes to people like Richard Spencer thinks that a black athlete should just shut up. And the irony in that is completely lost on them.

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