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Hello Left Wing Nation!

We’re shifting gears here a bit starting in June. Instead of a steady stream of short articles focusing on the story on the minute, we’re going to mix it up with much longer and in-depth articles on whatever topics our writers think you want to read about. We’ll still have a few of the short form pieces a day but our main focus will be the long form articles that take much more research and time to put together. These are articles that, when you’re finished, will allow you to discuss a topic in detail. You will be armed with facts and figures and the ability to frame the debate on your own terms.

We don’t want you to come, skim an article filled with ads and leave. We want you to come and stay for a while without distractions.

To that end, we’re removing most of the ads from the site and adding a donation feature. If you like what we’re doing, you can donate a dollar or two (or more. Pretty please?) a month so we can keep writing what you want to read without us having to worry about generating as many views as possible as quickly as possible. That was leading us to clickbait and outrage porn and bleh to that!

Our goal here has always been to move the conversation to the left and that’s what we plan in doing with your ongoing support. We don’t need a gazillion dollars to do it, so if only 500 of you donate $10 a month, that’s more than enough to keep our writers going pretty much forever.

Come join the Left Wing Nation and move America forward!


I'm a stay at home dad, father to a special needs son and a special daughter, a donor baby daddy, a militantly pragmatic liberal, the president of the PTA, a hardcore geek and nerd and I'm going to change the world. Or at least my corner of it.

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