Confederate Monument In Kentucky Being Removed – Outrage Incoming

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Down in Kentucky, they have been working for a few weeks on removing a Confederate monument that has stood near the University of Louisville since 1895. Professor Ricky Jones has been working to get this monument removed since the 1990’s, and it is happening finally. Jones basically feels that the monument is an eyesore as well as offensive.

Confederate displays have been getting reevaluated for their social values after the infamous slayings of nine black people at the Emanuel Church down in Charleston, South Carolina.

Associated Press reported:

The stone monument honoring Kentuckians who died for the Confederacy in the Civil War will be moved to another location, University President James Ramsey and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said during a surprise announcement Friday. The monument is capped with a statue of a Confederate soldier.

“It’s time for us to move this monument to a more appropriate place,” Ramsey said while standing in front of the stone memorial, which sits next to the university’s gleaming Speed Art museum that just completed a $60 million renovation.

There was talk of having the Jefferson Davis statue removed from both Republicans and Democrats, but that didn’t pan out at all. A 7-2 commission vote nipped that idea in the bud. The only President of the Confederation was Jefferson Davis, who was also from Kentucky as was Abraham Lincoln. Both of them have statues in the Capital rotunda to honor them both.

I can understand the historical significance attached to such displays, and some of the monuments should stay exactly where they are. Then again, far too many people use those monuments as inspiration to commit atrocious acts of violence against blacks. Y’all know exactly what I’m talking about here.

What we need is a delicate balance to honor those who died during that conflict, and to avoid the negative connotations of racism and bigotry. If a compromise can’t be reached, then we should do as Germany did regarding Nazi monuments and flags which would mean a total ban on Confederate displays.

Obviously there is going to be a lot of anger from the usual sources about the removing of this monument, but it is merely going to be moved to a new location and not just destroyed entirely. While being stored until the location is found, the monument will undergo some needed cleaning.

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