Congressional Approval Rating Drop Even LOWER Amidst The SCOTUS Obstructionism (GRAPH)

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The latest round of unprecedented hostility towards President Obama by Republicans has really started to piss off the African-American population of the United States. The repeated claims that their obstruction and hostility have nothing to do with his skin color, but his policies, is really wearing thin since the death of Antonin Scalia. Republicans are now making the selection of a new Justice a central pillar of their campaigns, all over the extreme fear of losing control over the highest court in the land. The Associated Press  reports:

Watching the fight unfold between President Barack Obama and Senate Republicans over who should choose the next Supreme Court justice, Michael A. Bowden got angry at what he saw at the latest affront to the first black president.

And then his thoughts turned from Washington to his own state.

Obama won’t be on the ballot this fall, but Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Pat Toomey will — and Bowden has made defeating him in November a priority.

“This kind of thing really burns me to the core,” said Bowden, a 56-year-old Air Force veteran from Philadelphia. “I’ve already started planting the seed in people’s heads that Sen. Toomey is one of those people in lockstep with the Republicans. This could give him a wake-up call that he could be vulnerable as well.”

This is exactly the thing that Republicans just do not have the capability to see, because they are too interested in pandering to religious and racist bigots to stay in office. In this day and age, that is just not going to be enough as more people wake up to what they see happening around them. The Republican-controlled Congress has a 12.4 percent approval rating as of now according to a Real Clear Politics Poll.

 Congress Approval-1

If Republicans actually do get voted out of the majority in the 2016 election as well as losing the White House, we will hear the usual Orchestra of Scorched Cats about voter fraud, “fixed” elections, “rigged” voting machines, et cetera. It will NEVER be admitted that their own actions and words got them voted out of power once again. It seems that Republicans are incapable of admitting their own faults and insecurities as they hypocritically point out the same from their opponents on the Democrat side.

Democrats really need to step up and hammer Republicans with the things they have done to hurt the country and its people.

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