Conservative Congressional Candidate Tells Journalist To ‘Eat A Bullet’

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Paul Nehlen is a “constitutional conservative,” Sheriff Joe Arpaio supporting, Donald Trump-loving, anti-immigration fuckstick who is challenging Paul Ryan for his congressional seat. He is the worst kind of Republican; A Bannon Republican who is even worse than Paul Ryan and I know that is hard to believe. What has the world come to when Paul Ryan is the lesser of two evils? My God. On Wednesday he proved just how unbelievably awful he is during a Twitter war with New York Post editor, John Podhoretz.

Podhoretz was needling the candidate a little bit when Nehlen suddenly snapped:

And that wasn’t all, Nehlen decided telling someone to kill themselves wasn’t bad enough, he also went full anti-Semite:

You see, John Podhoretz is a New York-born Jew, so CLEARLY the whole Jewish thing means he isn’t a “real ‘Murican” therefore, he should “self-deport.” Podhoretz was disgusted by the Republican candidate’s comments and quickly retweeted the anti-Semitic comment for all to see:

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Twitter was as equally unamused by Nehlen’s remarks and made sure he knew it:

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Remember when we all thought the Tea Party was as bad as it would get? We were so innocent.

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