Conservatives Spent Thanksgiving Attacking Malia Obama

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Holy shit, you guys, did you know Malia Obama, a 19-year-old Harvard student, can make smoke rings? *GASP* If you did not know that a teenager sometimes acts like a teenager, The Daily Caller let the world know about it Thanksgiving. The conservative rag published a devastating, hard-hitting news article titled,”WATCH: Leaked Video Alleges To Show Malia Obama Blowing Smoke Rings.”

Oh. My. God. How will the Obama family ever get past such a crime?

Of course, true to form, the right viciously attacked Malia when the Caller article was published. Here’s a sample:

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For some reason, the right-wing is obsessed with Malia. In August, video of the teen was taken at Lollapalooza (a music festival) where she was captured in a golf cart being taken somewhere. Then there was the time she twerked. Oh and once she was captured smoking weed. There is nothing shocking about any of this (honestly it’s all very tame), she is just acting like a teen but the right just can’t leave her alone. It’s really quite pathetic.

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