Cops Hallucinate After Doing Drugs On Duty — Desperately Call For Backup

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In 2006, audio of a hilarious 911 call made its way around the internet after a police officer stole some confiscated weed from the evidence room. He and his wife made brownies with it and called 911 after time started moving “really, really, really, really slowly.” They seriously thought they were dying. While probably not the best policeman in the world, he was definitely one of the funniest. We all laughed at his distress –  many, many times.

Apparently, some cops in Canada are just as idiotic. Two Toronto policemen ate some marijuana edibles on Sunday and had to call for help because they were hallucinating — while on duty! They were flipping out and are suspended now. Not only did these morons eat edibles while on duty, they called for assistance from their fellow police and the responding officer slipped on ice. That officer was admitted to the hospital for head injuries.

Seriously, it’s like a modern Three Stooges.

Over the weekend, Toronto police carried out a raid at Community Cannabis Clinic, a marijuana dispensary. It’s not clear if the officers participated in the raid, but the timing is uncanny. Charges are pending until the investigation is completed.

We always hear about how much better it is in Canada – lower crime rates, legal marijuana, universal healthcare – but, the police seem about the same. They are just humans doing their job and are flawed like the rest of us. Sometimes, we just make poor choices and have to suffer the consequences.

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Unfortunately, there are no recordings of the Toronto police calling for assistance. However, we have found the audio of the policeman who called 911 after he and wifey ate their pot brownies. Enjoy!

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