Cops Put On Leave After A Mentally Ill Man Dies In Their Custody

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Body cam footage has been released in a case where a suspect died while in police custody. Two officers have been put on leave regarding a case involving the death of a Cleveland County, Oklahoma suspect.

Marconia Kessee, 34, went to the hospital complaining of a headache.  After he was released, the two officers tried to persuade him to go to the Salvation Army, according to Kessee’s uncle, Michael Washington. He stated:

We believe that there was no actual mental evaluation, we believe that the doctors, hospitals, did not review or take the physical assessment of my nephew and that they are partly responsible and they will be held accountable.

Later, Kessee was taken to the jail and put in a padded cell after allegedly trying to hurt himself. He was found unresponsive and taken to the hospital where they pronounced him dead

Yeah, I’d definitely call those fishy circumstances and I can’t blame his family for wondering if these officers had something to do with his death considering his circumstances.

In the footage released, officers are heard telling Kessee that they need to take him outside and to leave the hospital. Kessee was having a hard time moving, so the officers put him in a wheelchair. The footage shows Kessee’s hands were shaking as he tried to put on his glasses. Officers were dispatched to help Kessee get to the Salvation Army as he didn’t have his ID on him.

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The police quickly turned from helpful to hostile and can be heard saying that they don’t give rides and saying Kessee can walk, except that he isn’t even able to put on his shoes at that point. Kessee is still shaking, is speaking unintelligibly at times, and falls when he tries to get out of the wheelchair.

Sounds like he was totally well enough to be discharged from the hospital. What in the ever loving fuck was the doctor thinking? The guy can’t put his own shoes on or stand on his own and he got fucking DISCHARGED? Can you say ” massive Lawsuit?”

As the footage continues, the cops can be heard saying:

He’s just acting like this to get back in the hospital,” the officer says.

Hey, Mr. Kessee, listen to me, OK? You can stop with the show,” another officer shouts.

Yeah, it ain’t fooling a single person, I can tell you that,” the other officer says.

Kessee can be heard trying to explain that he came to the hospital for help. The officers reply asking him what drugs he took. Kessee denies taking anything and they don’t believe him. One officer says:

Here in about 15 seconds, I’m going to drag your [expletive] to the curb to get you off this property and then you can find your own way to the Salvation army. Ok? Put your shoe on. I’m losing patience.

Awesome guys, just fucking awesome.

Kessee eventually ends up on the ground with handcuffs on.

Norman Police Chief Keith Humphrey is defending his officers, saying that they had nothing to do with Kessee’s death, except that they didn’t do a damn thing to help him when he clearly needed it.

Washington is claiming that Kessee should have been sent to a crisis center, not to jail. I think he’s missing the point that Kessee couldn’t even stand on his own, couldn’t put on his own shoe, and could barely be understood. Those are signs that he needed medical attention, not to be treated like shit by cops or medical personnel.

The caller to 911 from the hospital is a security guard who stated:

I just got a message from my supervisor that we’ve got a patient out in our waiting room that’s wigged out and they need some assistance.

Well, that was professional. The Norman Regional Hospital has refused to comment on this incident or on how they deal with patients like Kessee, but stated that they are doing an internal investigation.

Well, there’s one hospital I won’t ever visit willingly. You can watch the body cam footage below.

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