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Corey Lewandowski: Black People Love Trump, Six Percent Voted For Him

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While speaking with students at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government this week, former Trump campaign manager and ex-Fox News contributor Corey Lewandowski made many outrageous and patently false claims regarding current POTUS Donald Trump.

Why one of the most prestigious and respected schools in the Unites States would even consider  inviting a traitorous charlatan like Lewandowski to speak to our nation’s most promising youth is unclear. Their hope, according to their website, was that Lewandowski would provide students with a window into his “in-depth understanding of the political process and the administration of President Donald J. Trump.”

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Lewandowski was fired by Trump and replaced by Paul Manafort in June of 2016. He has since made a somewhat dubious name for himself by threatening reporters, physically  assaulting Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, and most recently, lying about giving Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page permission to travel to Moscow in June of 2016.



Perhaps the most ludicrous of Lewandowski’s claims while speaking to Harvard students was that ‘minorities and women love Trump.’  We are not sure what planet Lewandowski has been living on for the past 18 months, but must be same made up world in which he did not assault a member of the free press and did not give Carter Page the okay for a Moscow trip.

Lewandowski stated:

Six percent of African-Americans voted for Trump, which is the highest for a Republican other than Bob Dole. Muslims, Hispanics and women are all voting for Donald Trump.

Untrue. Trump’s approval rating in general is by far the lowest of any President in the history of the United States of America. One can only imagine what that rating currently is among women and minorities, many of whom having been marching in the streets in protest ever since the inauguration last February. And 8 percent of African Americans actually voted for Trump—a full 3 percentage points lower than George W. Bush, who was also fairly unpopular with Black voters, received.

Please stop lying, Mr. Lewandowski. It is embarrassing for everyone at this point. And to the people at Harvard—we get inviting speakers from all different backgrounds to speak to students so they learn to see issues from all sides. But inviting someone like Corey Lewandowski to speak to your students only undermines the credibility of a once highly respected University and makes you complicit in the current junk show that is our country’s leadership.

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