Dear Fellow Bernie Supporters: Stop Embarrassing Us

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When Senator Bernie Sanders entered the presidential race with his crazy hair and hardcore hate for Wall Street, income inequality, student loan debt and the military industrial complex, I fell in love. I felt the Bern so much that I immediately spent a bunch of money on Bernie gear and declared he was my guy. I even considered getting a Bernie tattoo, seriously (my editor is shaking his head as he reads that, I guarantee it).  I imagine it is the same feeling that many people felt when an unknown senator from Chicago put his hat in for the White House in 2007. Sanders, like Obama, is the “underdog” and I love me a good underdog story. I am still a HUGE Bernie fan, but there’s a downside: some of my fellow Sanders supporters are really pissing me off.

Some of you believe that the only way to show your support for Senator Sanders is to go on social networking sites and shit all over Hillary Clinton. You have decided that she is an “evil corporate shill” who isn’t progressive enough for you. You don’t think she’s a “real” liberal because she is a moderate. You have demonized her because she made money speaking to Wall Street. You have called her names because she stayed with her husband after he cheated on her. Apparently sticking with her marriage “in good times and bad” and taking her commitment seriously, even when Bill didn’t, means she isn’t a “real” feminist. All of this nonsense is embarrassing.

For some reason, some of you have decided to act like a bunch of children. Seriously, my three-year-old godson acts just like you when I tell him that he can’t have another juice box.

What really, really pisses me off though is the whole “Clinton is a closet Republican who doesn’t care about the little guy” bullshit. You’ve erased decades of progressive accomplishments because she’s not YOUR candidate. A few months ago, a friend of mine wrote up a list of her achievements, here are a few:

She played a leading role in the development of State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides the much-needed state support for children whose parents cannot afford nor provide them with adequate healthcare coverage.

She spearheaded investigations into mental illness plaguing veterans of the Gulf War; we now have a term for it – Gulf War Syndrome.

She was also instrumental in the creation of the Adoption and Safe Families Act and the Foster Care Independence Act.

At the Department of Justice, she helped create the office on Violence Against Women.

Proposed a revival of the New Deal-era Home Owners’ Loan Corporation to help homeowners refinance their mortgages in the wake of the 2008 financial disaster.

Since when is fighting for the poor, children, veterans and middle-class families not progressive? And how many Republicans have fought for the same people? Oh, and there is this very large fact that the Hillary haters forget:

As has been noted elsewhere (including by us), when Sanders and Clinton were both there and were both voting, they generally concurred with one another. According to data from Govtrack, the two voted the same way on legislation about 93 percent of the time.

So, if Hillary isn’t a real liberal, wouldn’t that mean Bernie isn’t either?

What’s even worse than the lies being thrown around is that the people who claim to support Sanders are going against everything he wants by saying that they will not vote for her if she gets the nomination. Do you honestly believe he wants a Republican in the White House decimating all of the things this country has accomplished in the last seven years? Do you believe that he thinks a Republican candidate would be better than Clinton?

Let’s see what he thinks about that:

Yes, we do agree on a number of issues, and by the way, on her worst day, Hillary Clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and president than the Republican candidate on his best day.”

Now what is your excuse? How can you claim to support this man and in the same breath ignore what he is telling you? How do you justify that?

I am sure that when the people I am talking about read this, they will flip out. You will call me names and say I am not a real supporter. Some people will call me a “paid Hillary supporter.” You’ll rage and spew all sorts of nonsense and embarrass me some more and that’s fine, I’ve been called a lot of names in the past. But, those of you who continue to stand firm and stomp your feet refusing to vote for Clinton if she gets the nomination are selfish. YOU are not a real progressive. YOU do not care about me or my family who will be hurt by the right’s regressive immigration policies. YOU are not even a real Sanders supporter because if you were, you’d listen to him.

No, you are the Democratic Party’s version of a teabagger but frankly, you are worse because you should know better.

I will leave you with this piece of advice: Grow up. Sometimes in life we have to put our own shit aside and do what is right for other people, even when we don’t want to. It’s called being a f*cking adult.


  1. As i read this irresponsible blog, i noticed some common errors. For example, the time they actually served together, they only voted the same 8% of the time.

    I don’t care about a party affiliation. As a real progressive, i know pragmatism is absolutely important. However, now is not the time for pragmatism. Now is the time to say enough is enough. No more wars. Mass murderers, like Hillary Clinton, should never be allowed a progressive vote. Unless we say enough is enough, and stand by our word, nothing will change.

      • Yep, they’re doing such a good job of it. I’ve been attacked, called names, accused of not being a “real” Bernie supporter. Everything I said. I’m not surprised.

        • Really? You want to blame the Bernie or Bust-ers for Hillary being a badly flawed, deceitful, crooked candidate?
          Hilliary didn’t “make money” on Wall St. She TOOK A BRIBE.
          1. Hillary was actively planing to run for president. Goldman Sachs knew. The world knew it.
          2. Goldman Sachs was criminal in it’s behavior that contributed to great loss for hundreds of thousands of working Americans. Including my business and home.
          3. Hillary took $675,000 from Sachs for just three speeches given on three different days, knowing that as president she would be in a powerful position in future regulation and investigations of Sachs.

          How obvious does a thinly vailed bribe have to be for Hillary supporters have to be to see the light? This behavior has been a long pattern of the Clintons.
          So now, if Hillary wins the nomination, and loses to Trump…… it will be blamed on the Bernie or Bust-ers, and not the people who insisted on forcing the nomination of a crook? The Clintons are the “Nixon” of the Democratic party. I will never vote for her. I had to hold my nose and vote for her husband twice, but I’m done with that.

          • Someone totally missed the point of the authors blog….”YOU are not even a real Sanders supporter because if you were, you’d listen to him.” Bernie said to “knock it off”

        • Love how people who start a flame suddenly are surprised it is received negatively. It was a hate bait blog. But .. in keeping with your standard of courteous discord. Please stop embarrassing us. Some blog writers .. what’s an extreme example of bloggers that I can use to indict the entire group … oh here’s one … have been arrested for pedophilia (
          I mean really. I you knew your blog came with a comment section. You’re acting like a three year old child.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. She represents everything I hate about the corporate whores in DC. She will continue further right like our current president, and if she’s the nominee, I will not vote for the first time in my adult life. Maybe under Trump, the DNC will consider the voters choice, and America will hit rock bottom and the citizens will stand up. Sometimes a hard lesson is needed to ignite a better tomorrow. Call it immature, but voting for Clinton is like voting for a moderate republican.

      • I am totally support your view, she could be even worse than republican. As independent I will vote for whom I want and I will not be pressured by corrupt democratic party, that only democratic in the name.

      • You want to ignite a better tomorrow? Get out and vote for the first time in your adult life. Honestly. And you think you have the right to complain when you haven’t exercised the most precious right an American has? Words genuinely fail me.

      • Being for Bernie doesn’t make it mandatory to follow his instructions to vote for godzillary. She’s as much of a warmonger as any repub, and she loves $$ like she’s scrooge mcduck!

    • With all due respect, Richard, let’s get over this ridiculous notion of “real progressives.” Classifications like that only serve to divide us when when we should be coming together. There are only progressives with differing views on how to get the goals to which we all aspire done. Once we all accept that, then we can begin the hard work of setting our country on a path to a brighter future.

    • So I am wondering Richard Paul, when do you decide you have had enough “pragmatism” in our system? I for one have been putting up with it for over 30 years and simply don’t see where it buys me a damn thing. For instance, Hillary is already talking about giving up late term abortions for some undeclared legislation down the road. Abortion is not something to give up in the name of pragmatism.

  2. The comments I just read confirm the point the author was making.

    “America be damned”

    Well, that is pretty logical. Shows how little respect you really have for Bernies message.

    • There seems to be a very flawed premise assumed by the author and many posters here that Bernie supporters should just vote blue because it would be better than a Republican winning. I am a supporter of Bernie because of the things he wants to do to improve our country. The things he wants that I want are not things that Hillary would do. Hillary means more of the same that we’ve had for decades. Bernie is not a Democrat. He has always been an Independent and is only running as a Democrat because you can’t win as an Independent. I am a registered Democrat only because I can’t vote for Bernie in my states primary otherwise. I am a progressive and will vote for Bernie. Just because I support Bernie and will vote for him, does not mean that I have to agree with everything he says. He may think Hillary would be a better President than Trump, but I do not. I have never liked or supported Hillary and never will. Any who think that I or many other Bernie supporter are betraying the Democrats if we refuse to vote for Hillary are just flat out wrong. A great many of us were never Democrats to begin with. I will vote Democrat for Senate or House no matter who the candidates are and locally will likely vote Democrat as well, but for President I will vote for Bernie or no one. For President, I will only vote for a candidate I believe in and the only one of those is Bernie.

      • Yours is a flawed premise that we think you are betraying the Democrats. You are betraying the very idea of being a liberal by putting your own needs above the needs of others. If you think Hillary Clinton would be worse for the country than any Republican, you are laughably ignorant. But, as with every True Believer, your need to be morally pure is more important than the wide scale suffering a Republican president will inflict.

        How progressive of you.

      • And how, exactly, would Hillary be just as bad as Donald Trump? Curiously, you left those details out, and I’m genuinely curious to know.

        Donald Trump is running a white nationalist campaign with the not too subtle pretense of “Make America Great Again.” Is Hillary doing anything even remotely close to that? I certainly haven’t seen it.

        Trump wants to give a massive tax cut to the rich. Shocking, I know. Does Clinton want to do anything even remotely close to that? Not really. As a matter of fact, she wants to raise taxes on the rich by about 500,000. Granted, that’s not as much as Sanders would raise them, but that’s hardly the point.

        Trump demonizes immigrants; he calls Mexicans “liars and rapists,” and has called for an immediate ban on all Muslims into the United States. Has Hillary done anything even remotely within the realm of what we call reality that could even come even remotely close to that? NO.

        And on and on and on it goes. So please, this idea that somehow Clinton and Trump are on the same page is ridiculous nonsense to the umpteenth degree and they would be about as different as presidents as you could get.

    • Oh, shut up.
      Stupid people, out saying that people fighting the corruption of a Clinton campaign by being vocal about her criminality.
      You are saying that real Bernie supporters should do nothing while she tells lies, because it’s polite. . And they should also say nothing while Donald incites racists to riot, for some reason, because it’ll show that they’re the bigger person…..
      How in HELL is that supposed to help?
      Do you tell your women friends that if they want to set an example of decorum and politeness, they should cooperate with the rapist tearing their clothes off?
      Why don’t you go take all your money out of the bank and go hand it out on the most dangerous street corner you can find?
      No sense protecting it from the criminals you know are out there…that would be in poor taste.

  3. You ALL need to just STFU…including the author. I am sick and tired of the in fighting from ALL sides. None of YOU will made a damn bit of difference in the general election, because there are soooo many more people out there who will vote based on absolutely NOTHING that is being slung back and forth here. I don’t need to watch the Rethuglicans debate. If I want to observe shit throwing I’ll just read the comments to diatribes like this “article.”

  4. The reason to support Sanders is simple: he has a very clear sense that life in the USA has been devastated for everyone but the very, very rich. This implies that our problems must be fixed globally before they become unfixable. I agree with him. If we have made no real progress by the time of the 2020 census and the next Republican opportunity for gerrymandering, America will simply not be able to recover in the lifetime of anyone voting this year.

    Clinton has many worthy policy proposals out there, but she clearly does not believe that America is in any kind of fundamental trouble. A little tinkering here, a little compromise there, and everything will be ok. It won’t. I think she genuinely does believe this, and the reason she believes this is that she interacts socially only with the very, very rich. Her every appearance with anyone else is no more than a photo op. There are even pictures out of her and Bill hobnobbing with Donald Trump. He is part of their set. None of the rest of the candidates are. From the vantage point of the very, very rich, America has been doing very well and will only get better if things stay the same.

    I once heard Bill Clinton justify his Presidency’s record on the economy by bragging that more new millionaires were made under his administration than any other. Of course, making new millionaires does little to nothing for the rest of us. Centrist Democrats in general, and Bill and Hillary in particular, simply are oblivious to the distinction.

    Hillary is a smart, tough lady with very pleasant manners, “experience”, “accomplishments”, and many connections to Washington’s inside-the-beltway political life. But a Clinton Presidency will not keep us from sliding off a cliff after the next census, because Hillary (and most of her cheerleaders) simply haven’t figured out that there is a cliff there at all.

  5. Sanders has high ideas and i will vote for him if he wins the nomination, even though I think he will have a very hard time getting most of the things he advocates through congress. RE health care there were those last time around that favored single payer systems, but they couldnt even get it to the floor of the house for a vote, even with a democratic majority, so we go a compromise called the ACA or “Obamacare”. Sanders has big ideas re free college and points to European countries as a model. They pay something for college, but not as much comes directly out of pocket. They pay much higher taxes. In Denmark everything is pretty much covered re school and health care but a new car is taxed at 180%. Income taxes are much higher. I think its more complicated that he makes it sound. If Sanders wins and accomplishes nothing, we will end up with a republican fascist next time around.

    I think Clinton has a more realistic outlook and probably knows how to play the game a bit better. I will vote for her if she wins the nomination. She is in favor of affordable health care for all and addresses many of the same things Sanders does, although not as radically. Sanders has in effect pulled her to the left a bit. She has more foriegn policy experience than Bernie. If you look at her history she has generally always been an advocate for the majority of the people.

    Theres controversy around her emails and Benghazi. She has been investigated over and over, hearings before congress etc and nothing inappropriate has been found. The right continues to spout the rhetoric but thats all it is…rhetoric and propaganda. The republicans are using strategies straight out of the 1930’s Nazi playbook. Repeat a lie enough and it becomes seen as truth. We have Donald Trump, who studies Hitlers speeches, and keep hitlers book right by his bed side. We cant let the republicanazis gain control. The others in that party are really no better.
    So, whichever candidate wins the nomination I will vote for that candidate.The alternative may be the end of life as we know it in this country. This is not time for withholding votes because you didnt get the candidate you dreamed about. Do not write in candidates names and throw your vote away. Also, ignore all the right wing trolls that are in these threads trying to plant doubt . Its called attacking from the left, and is a strategy employed but the repugnants.

    • during the Benghazi hearing when 4 Americans were killed Hillary said what difference does it make shows what type of person she is

      • She wasn’t referring to them but it was nice of you to fall for that old Fox News talking point anyway.

  6. How many liberals voted with Republicans on anti-immigration bills, voted against gun control and drafted a bill to ship nuclear waste to a poor Latino community in Texas, telling them you had an election to win?

    • Research your data. Nuclear waste can only be dumped in federally approved dump sites. One of the choices was here in SC. But George W Bush created the one in Texas with falsified reports to benefit it’s owners who were subsidiaries of GE, in hopes of getting endorsement (cash) for his presidential run. And guess who signed that dumpsite into existence? Bill Clinton. Now instead of wasting your time researching your other pseudo issues, try the TPP. It’s the most devastating legislation in the history of the world and HILLIZARD personally labeled it THE GOLD STANDARD OF TRADE AGREEMENTS, but now says that was a mistake and she doesn’t support it as its “currently worded”.

  7. Shannon Arguenta, everything is not roses. Before you tout Hillary’s support of families and children, you might want to look at some actual details, and effects, involved:

    and particularly this:

    All other issues aside, this is why I’m infuriated every time Hillary brings up her early work with the CDF and her support of families via the acts she strongly supported, and Bill signed, that affected Welfare and Child Protective Services.

    You can’t just take the name on an act/legislation and assume it will, or did, do good. In this case, hundreds of thousands of families have been broken up instead of helped, been refused aid, and/or have had their children treated as a monetary resource for the state, rather than being properly aided. Note, again, that in the second link, the majority of parents who had children stolen by this government program were not abusive nor deliberately neglectful: instead, they were simply too poor, and rather than the state remedying that by giving them aid, it took away the children and spent 4x the amount running them through the system and often, adopting them out to non-relatives.. all to gain more federal money *for* their state.

    And TANF has been a DISASTER—even the woman the Clintons used as their “poster person” hates it and says that she was far worse off under the new system than the old.

    Lawmakers often give legislation misleading names—for instance, “Right to Work” laws, which actually undercut or wipe out many employee rights. Don’t just go by the name of the law—look deeper and see its actual effects.

  8. You guys said that about us Nader supporters as well in 2000 and 2004. Just because we happen to believe that Hillary is part of the problem, and not part of the solution, does not make our opinions illegitimate. Don’t ask us to stop embarrassing you, you embarrass yourself. Some of us take a long term view, that we must hold the Democratic establishment to account for thinking that we should find candidates like Hillary acceptable. As long as we are willing to roll over for the lesser of two evils, things will continue with business as usual. Obama was a huge disappointment, the ACA was a giveaway to the insurance companies and costs actually went UP for many people. The lesser of two evils is still evil. If Bernie loses the nomination, I’ll be voting for Jill Stein or someone who constitutes a “spoiler,” because it’s my opinion that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. You don’t have to agree with me, but implying my opinions are illegitimate is a particularly Clintonesque form of pseudo-liberalism.

  9. I only read the comments section from the right when I need a laugh, but the level of vitriol, blame and ignorance usually drives me away pretty quickly. This is the first time I’ve had the same experience while reading the comments from the left. Have we gone full circle and are now no different?

  10. How is it possible that this article could have engendered so many personal attacks against others who are pro Bernie as well alludes me. It sounds like a Trump rally. HRC is a decent human being. I honestly believe that. I happen to think that in an ethics contest against Bernie she loses but nothing will detract from the respect I have for HRC. Nothing will detract from my opinion that Hilary is one of the greatest woman leaders our Nation has ever known. Bernie has not had to make the political choices that Clinton has had to make. I believe this has exposed her to criticism. Bernie has not had to make as many credibility challenging decisions as his opponent has. Do I think Hilary is more experienced than Bernie. YES! Of course she is. The issue is about integrity and I believe Bernie has more of that than Hilary does, I believe it will take what Bernie has to unseat the current oligarchs and take back the country for the people. Do I believe that is really possible? No I don’t but we have to try. Hilary has taken the money of people who are afraid of going to jail and who do not want to stop doing what got us into trouble in 2008. It is clear and obvious that Hilary is on the payroll of unsavory characters and institutions. Bernie, simply, is not. The choice for me is clear but this does not mean that I can or should show disrespect to one of the most important women of our time.

  11. I voted for Sanders last week. I agree with him about almost everything.

    But imagine if McCain or Romney had been elected instead of Obama. We’d probably be at war with Iran. The only answer to the economic collapse would have been tax cuts for the 1%. We’d have no ACA (not perfect but the best that could get passed through Congress) or marriage equality. We’d have two more (and soon three more) Scalias and Thomases on the Supreme Court. The policy differences between Obama and Clinton wouldn’t fill a cocktail napkin.

    You can’t let an imaginary perfect be the enemy of a practical good. As the saying goes, politics is the art of the possible.

    The U.S. is facing an authoritarian threat unprecedented in its history. And that’s true whether the nominee is Trump, Cruz, or Rubio. Any one of them becoming president could be a blow that the country would never recover from. All the (admittedly sometimes incremental) progress of the last eight years would be undone. As the author says, anyone who says that he or she hopes that if Clinton is the nominee the Democrats lose is being an irresponsible, petulant child. The amount of human suffering that would result from Republicans controlling all three branches of government is incalculable.

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  13. I’m not concerned about an “imaginary perfect.” But consider this “art of the possible”: We may not be able to keep the choice from being Hillary vs Trump in November, but we may be able to penalize the DNC for expecting us to make it in their favor.

  14. I was just reading about the immaturity of the supporters throwing dollars at Clinton’s motorcade last night. I’m embarrassed for them, and I’m embarrassed for us. This reminds me of some of the REPUBLICAN tactics used during the Obama campaign. For example, coming into the campaign offices and giving change to the female volunteers to make up for the difference between what Obama was paying men versus women.. It was so childish, and we had to remind them that we were volunteers and therefore all making the same nothing.

    Now these Bernie supporters are behaving the same way. Throwing a $1,000 in the street and stomping on it. Who raised these children? . That money could’ve actually been used for a good cause, but they obviously don’t understand the value of $1 or $1,000, and it’s probably their parents who are supporting them anyway.

    It’s disgusting. I was going to sit this election out but I’m disgusted enough now after this behavior and Bernie’s jet and the Bombastic Bloviating Breaking Up Banks Bernie charade,

  15. This whole article is nonsense. I don’t call Hillary supporters names, nor will I call the author of this one-sided piece names. I know I am not alone in not acting “like a three year old.” I’ve taken part in plenty of discussions on WaPo articles that support or seem to support Hillary. There are plenty of good arguments to be made about her electability that don’t require saying anything of her politics. It is dead simple (and accurate) to say that she doesn’t have very good likability both within the party and without. It’s also super easy to point out that Bernie brings the young vote (which you need) as well as the Independent vote (which you also need). It also plain as day that Hillary will drive higher numbers of Conservatives (and conservative-leaners) to vote. One need not BE nor ACT particularly nasty to make any of these common sense arguments.
    Where this article goes REALLY WRONG, though, is in characterizing just Sanders supporters as not acting like Democrats. I’ve seen some of the worst Republican-like propaganda out of Clinton supporters. It’s not just calling Sanders a Marxist, or calling his supporters Bernie Bros or Bernie Bots. It’s making up messaging that doesn’t tell the whole truth. It’s akin to the worst of FoxNews. Skip over acknowledging this at your own peril.
    She is not a good candidate, and her supporters are no better than this article claims Sanders supporters are. I hope you read this Shannon Argueta. You’re in no position to tell people to grow up.

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