Democratic Lawmaker Wins The Internet For His Trolling Of Trump Over Flynn

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Representative Jared Huffman of California trolled Trump on Twitter following the news that Mike Flynn was found guilty of one charge of lying to the FBI in regards to the Russia probe. He tweeted an article from ABC with the tagline: “Let me be the first to congratulate President Pence.”  With Flynn fully cooperating with Meuller, we are all speculating about the exact outcome of this burning trainwreck.

Trump just has to be fuming, and maybe peeing a little in his Depends.

This would be funnier if this weren’t such a real possibility.

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Others replied with their own speculations. It seems as though most of us are on the same page when it comes to this turn of events.

And just to finish this up with a little humor, here’s a reminder of what Flynn used to shout about Hillary Clinton:

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