Democratic Senators Sound Alarm Over Trump’s Threats Against North Korea

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More than a dozen senators, in a letter to Donald Trump, claim that he lacks the authority to order a preemptive strike against North Korea. What a frightening thing: the idea of a nuclear war. Massive death, radioactive contamination, and social disintegration – the idea is every politician’s responsibility to avoid, yet Trump toys with the idea because he’s a child.

Democratic senators sounding the alarm over risks posed by Donald Trump’s ridiculous threat to launch a preemptive strike against North Korea, are equally concerned by the administration’s suspicious failure to nominate an ambassador to South Korea. Of course, the answer is simple: Trump is going to oppose, fire, discredit or derail any plans or persons whose words could remove his bully pulpit. He won’t elevate anyone who potentially objects to his taking deadly, nuclear action against North Korea.

The White House officially rejects the idea that they are giving serious consideration to a preemptive strike, even though Trump tweets that his nuclear button is “much bigger and more powerful” than Kim’s, and threatens to attack North Koreans with “fire and fury.” Clearly, this pissing match isn’t dampening the fire, only stoking the flames.

The administration declined the nomination of Victor Cha as South Korean Ambassador. Cha, who the senators reference as a “highly qualified candidate” in their letter to Trump, served in the White House under former President George W. Bush from 2004 to 2007, as Director for Asian Affairs at the National Security Council. The guy’s a walking encyclopedia on North Korea and the art of political, national survival. As part of the Bush team, Cha oversaw national affairs in Japan and the Korean peninsula, as well as other countries including Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island nations.

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Why did Trump give Cha the boot? Well, Cha didn’t agree with the idea of a limited strike on North Korea. He also revealed reservations over Trump’s threat to abandon free trade agreements with South Korea, The Hill reported. Cha clearly sees the hazards associated with Trump’s insane childlike fascination with sparring with Kim Jong-un. There is no replacement in sight.

With Trump at the helm, the rogue nuclear nation is the United States. Trump either forgets or dismisses the hell of a decades-long conflict called The Cold War. Back in the day, a popular bumper sticker read, “In the event of a nuclear disaster, kiss your children goodbye.”

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