Devin Nunes Mocked After Tweeting About Lying To His Daughter

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On Friday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson told his viewers that California is turning into a third-world country because too many brown people from Latin countries are moving to the state. After the “report” aired, Congressman Devin Nunes tweeted a cute little anecdote about lying to his daughter:

Adorable. Instead of explaining to his daughter that Tucker Carlson is a racist piece of shit who hates Latinos like daddy, he blamed taxes on high housing costs. That is, of course, a lie, but Nunes gives as many f*cks about telling his daughter the truth as he does telling the American people the truth. California looks nothing like a “third-world country.” The state does have a lot of homeless people, but so does the rest of the country and Nunes has done not a damn thing to help those people.

The real reason people cannot afford to live in California is the outrageous cost of housing and low wages. In fact, when the GOP passed the “big beautiful” tax bill they included a fun section that caps property tax deductions at $10,000 which disproportionately impacted California and a few other states. In other words, Nunes helped to create a situation where the taxes are higher for the residents of California, which means housing costs will be higher.

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Twitter could not handle the hypocrisy and sheer stupidity of Nunes’ tweet, users immediately began mocking Donald Trump’s mouthpiece:

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I’d suggest to Rep. Nunes that he not relay conversations with his daughter again. Nobody thinks it is cute that he lies to his child about the problems he and his fellow Republicans have helped create.

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