DeVos Actually Chastises Trump And Now We’re Looking To The Sky For Flying Pigs

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Betsy DeVos spoke in Tennessee yesterday after touring Rutherford County’s career and technical education programs. It was her first official visit to the state. She will be the keynote speaker at Jeb Bush’s ExcelinEd conference in Nashville today. Students at Oakland High School showcased some of the things they have learned in their health, automotive and mechatronics programs.

Suzy Morrow, a teacher at the school stated that these programs not only prepare students for college but helps those who aren’t college-oriented find a career they are passionate about. She said,

This is the difference between them working at McDonald’s and them working a career field.

After the tour of the school and learning about the different career programs being offered, it was the press’s time to ask questions of DeVos. Somehow, the questions turned to Trump calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocohantas” in front of Navajo war heroes. She was asked if Trump can be considered a role model after his racist remarks toward the still-sitting senator.

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She shocked us all and answered,

I think the president continues to lead in an important direction in our country. And I think that we can all do well to reflect on the things we say before we say them.

What? I know it may not seem like much, but with Trump’s penchant for surrounding himself with Yesmen, this is MAJOR. Maybe this is the beginning of the end? I may be looking too deep into her response, but I feel as though she wouldn’t have dared say anything along these lines six months ago. As the wife of a teacher, I will never like DeVos, ever. However, speaking the truth made me take notice. Maybe this is a first step in ending Trump’s tyranny.

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