Right-Wing Doctor Claims ‘Transgender Ideology Is Hurting Kids’

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Ryan T. Anderson PhD is one of the most disgusting bigots on the right. Anderson is a researcher for the anti-LGBT group, The Heritage Foundation, and recently penned an article accusing doctors and therapists of children and adolescents with gender dysphoria of pushing surgery and hormone therapies with scare tactics.

In his article, Transgender Ideology Hurts Kids, Dr. Anderson continues to kick the dead horse of transgender fears and controversies, this time using the guise of protecting children from evil healthcare workers out to further some non-existent LGBT agenda. He claims in the article that medical centers designed for treating children and adolescents with gender identity issues, are pushing parents into puberty-blocking drugs, hormone therapies, and sexual reassignment surgeries or face seeing their children commit suicide. Anderson uses unsourced statistics to promote his idea that 80 to 95 percent of children expressing gender identity issues will eventually accept their gender if left without such therapies, and also claims that people who have had transition surgery are 19 times more likely to commit suicide.

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After reading Anderson’s article, I was appalled at his theories and decided to do a little research on my own, here is what I found:

These are facts researched by actual social scientists, psychologists, and physicians, and not some guy from the Heritage Foundation with a PhD in Political Philosophy trying to sell a book. Ryan T. Anderson is best known for his quote that, “Biology isn’t bigotry,” and is well-known in the right-wing as a staunch opponent to LGBT rights. He is also publicly in support of conversion therapy even after the practice has been criminalized in several states and debunked as “junk science.” People like Ryan Anderson have an agenda of their own, and that is to push their religious ideals on everyone, that is basically what his employer, the Heritage Foundation is all about.

Until Ryan Anderson earns a Doctorate in psychology, I will continue to think his rantings are nothing more than a crock of bulls**t from a member of the American Taliban.

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