Don Jr. Gets Wrecked On Twitter After His Obligatory Weekly Dumb

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On Monday night, Sean Hannity, the guy who shared conspiracy theories about Seth Rich’s murder, made a big stink where he claimed: “journalism is dead.” Again, this is the guy who repeatedly claimed the Democratic National Committee murdered its staffer during the 2016 election. Of course, Donald Trump Jr. latched onto Hannity’s claims like the bottom dweller he is and even went as far to share an article published by The Federalist written by a self-proclaimed liberal who said she, too, agreed with Sean Hannity.

Saritha Prabhu wrote that the “mainstream media” was biased for Hillary Clinton (someone she considers “arrogant, entitled, corrupt, and dishonest”) during the 2016 election and this caused her to have a “great awakening”:

But as 2016 rolled on, I became quietly incensed. I couldn’t help noticing repeatedly that the mainstream media was shielding and enabling Clinton in her dissembling and media avoidance. I noticed that the commentators at CNN, MSNBC, and the NYT either ignored or made light of Clinton’s many problem areas: the private email server, compromising of state secrets, and the questionable multimillion-dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation.

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Prabhu, the “liberal” also says she voted for Gary Johnson in a “protest vote” because you know how real liberals put their personal beliefs before the wellbeing of millions of people. The entire premise of the article is rooted in right-wing talking points, more conspiracy theories and the all-too-common notion that Hillary Clinton was just too big for her britches (common Republican misogyny coming from an obviously right-leaning writer–no matter what she claims). Trump Jr., being the moron he is, took Prabhu at her word that she’s a liberal (critical thinking isn’t his strong suit) and tweeted out the article as if it validated his own beliefs. The internet was giddy with excitement over his latest denigration of the free press and promptly proceeded to mock the shit out of him:

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There are hundreds of tweets making fun of the president’s namesake. I almost wonder why he spends so much time on Twitter when people absolutely loathe him, but perhaps he just likes the abuse. It’s probably some weird hangover he has from his childhood.

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