Don Jr Is Deflecting So Hard On Twitter, It’s Hilarious

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On Monday night, the Atlantic reported that Donald Trump Jr. had exchanged direct messages on Twitter with WikiLeaks during the course of the 2016 race. Donny Junior quickly released his private exchanges, which amounted to a number of notes sent from WikiLeaks to Trump Jr. and three responses sent from Trump Jr. to WikiLeaks. Trying to downplay his involvement only makes him seem more guilty – the man dost protest too much.

Now he is trying to minimize the news by retweeting old tweets – because that doesn’t seem suspicious at all, does it? The term “deflection” keeps coming to mind, but it’s ONLY Twitter, right?

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Here are a couple of his retweets along with responses from Twitter users:

Patriotic coffee? Wake up and smell the desperation. Coffee has no political leanings. Coffee is for everyone – even for lying liars who don’t deserve its loveliness. Well, unless you’re Keurig – and really, they’re just protesting pundits who defend pedophiles.

In all seriousness, watch the video that has been retweeted many times over – it is just as ridiculous as the Trump men’s hair.

This woman had the wittiest response:

And he moved on from coffee to victimization.

I involuntarily rolled my eyes when I read this one. I foresee Junior wailing about being a victim once all of the Russia dirt begins burying him alive in the grave he dug himself.

Val tweeted in for the win:

Nice try, Don. We see your pathetic attempts to deflect and we raise you with the truth: you are just as guilty as your father and we can’t wait to see you slink into obscurity.

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