Don Jr Is So Unpopular He’s Doing Something Really Lame On Twitter (IMAGE)

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In the great scheme of things, President Donald Trump’s children are pretty inconsequential, although they may think otherwise. They have been raised to think of themselves as royalty, so it must be painful indeed when reality smacks them upside the head and they feel the need to retweet their own tweets.

They don’t get that is so much bigger: NY Times Editor Admits to Targeting Trump Brands to Get Him to Resign

The tweet included a link to a RWNJ online blog with “very reliable” made up stuff all about how Project Veritas caught The New York Times bragging about how they were working to ruin the Trump brand. The name of the blog was an obvious attempt to ride the wave of notoriety caused by Trump’s use of the word Bigly, but they didn’t even spell that right — BigLeaguePolitics.

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Ahh… Project Veritas… are they back again? You remember them, right? They send in some little wienie with a hidden camera, ask leading questions, then carefully edit the end result video so that the people they “interview” are appearing to be very bad. Think the Planned Parenthood baby parts videos. The same crew of idiots.

The premise is that Nick Dudich, the Audience Strategy Editor for NYT Video, was “caught” on video saying things about how The New York Times is doing everything they can to ruin the Trump brand. While they never really do ask the question that Dudich answered with:

I’d target his businesses, his dumb f#ck of a son, Donald Jr. and Eric.

During the beginning intro, they run an audio clip of Trump shouting, “These are the most dishonest people.” How ironic. Almost prophetic. Because the Project Veritas have actually been caught and prosecuted for their hack-job butchering of videos trying to bring people down. Known scam artist, James O’Keefe, has been called out and branded as a purveyor of idiocy more times than can be counted on all your fingers and toes.

The video must have really upset Junior, who we’re pretty sure believes every word of it. We’re not sure why he felt he needed to retweet it, other than his own sense of insecurity. Scrolling through his Twitter feed is kind of frightening, so we didn’t spend a lot of time there. He does seem to love retweeting himself though.

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